Sonny Dalimore

Sonny Dalimore
Title: Untitled, Medium: Oil on Linen, Size: 144 X 1090cm , Price: SOLD

No matter what subject I choose to deal with, it needs to go through a process of adding and eliminating of all necessary and unnecessary forms. As with the colours and lines within the picture until the image reaches the point of completion when there is no need to add or diminish anything on the canvas. Of course, I need to predetermine the idea to be translated onto the canvas without making changes too many times. But even so, throughout the history, painters, including Leonard da Vinci, have made changes on a particular painting. Painting is never completed, it is simply that I make the decision to stop at a particular moment when I cannot add any more colour, form or brush mark to the image. And that is what makes an artist to strive to paint a better painting than the one before." - Sonny Dalimore/p>

Title: Paris prize, Medium: Oil on Linen, Size: 121.5 cm X 172cm, Price: SOLD
Tittle: Natsuko, Medium: Oil on Linen ,Size: 70cm X 50cm , Price: SOLD
Title: Flinders Ranges, Medium: Oil on Linen, Size: 222cm X 19800 mm, Price: SOLD
“Untitled” 2019, Medium: Oil on canvas, Size: h1530cm X w137cm Price:$9,700
Title: Chambers Pillars” 2020, Medium: Oil on canvas, Size:h158cm x w137cm Price: $9,700 SOLD
“Untitled” 2020, Medium: Oil on canvas, Size:h67cm x w41cm Price: $1,200 SOLD
“Untitled” 2020, Medium: Oil on canvas, Size:h40cm x w30cm Price:$750
Title "Uluru” 2003, Medium: Size:Oil on linen h1370mm x w1530mm .jpg Price:$9,700
. Title "Model 3” 2017, Medium: Gouache on paper, h54.5cm x w46cm Framed. Price:$3,200
“Untitled” 2016, Medium: Gouache on paper, h54.5cm x w45.5cm Framed, Price: $3,200
“Untitled” 2017 H64.1cm x W52.1cm Medium: Gouache on Fabriano paper Framed, Price:$3,200
Title: "Karlu Karlu” 2019, Medium: Gouache on paper, h290 x w220 copy.jpg Price: $550
“Untitled” 2019, Medium: Gouache on paper h26cm x w27cm Unframed Price:$650
Title "Torso” 2018, Medium: Gouache on Board, h920mm x w607mm Unframed Price:$3,800
Untitled 2017, Media: Gouache on paper, h129cm x w105cm Framed $3,900
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