Learn to See, Draw & Paint the Human Head using TGM.

Learn to See, Draw & Paint the Human Head using TGM.

Part 1. Drawing using TGM

Participants will be introduced to the ‘Triangular Geometry Method’ (TGM) as the basis for understanding the symmetry and structure of the human body and Head. Clear and concise in its methodology, the TGM is the perfect tool to help artists learn to see and draw the human form with intelligence and accuracy.

Participants will also be taken through a series of exercises that will enable them to generate appropriately proportioned drawings of individual facial features and heads in profile, Three Quarter and Frontal views leading to a completed painting of a chosen view.

Supplementary material on how to the understand and draw the structure of the neck , torso and shoulders using  the TGM will also be covered. 

Part 2. Painting / Constructing  an oil painting based on the Human Head.

Participants will be introduced to the basics of alla prima oil painting techniques and processes and will be guided through the process of constructing a proportioned oil painting of the human head from references.

Course Breakdown.

Weeks 1-4  TGM  Drawing Exercises- Frontal, Profile and ¾ Views…leading to freehand drawings

Weeks 5-10 Creating/ Constructing one or two small, finished Oil Paintings focusing on the human head.


All Basic drawing materials including paper, Pencils , Erasers etc… are included in the Cost of the Course.

Participants are responsible for supplying their own Oil painting kit and Canvas. Painting Kits can also be ordered through Gallery Elysium.

Duration of Course:

8 Weeks

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