Painting the Human Body from Life

Painting the Human Body  from Life

Participants will be guided by Drawing Tutor (Bart Sanciolo), through a series of drawing exercises that will enable them to create Line and Tonal drawings of a variety of individual poses.

Part 2. Painting / Constructing  a tonal oil or Acrylic painting based on the Human Body.  Weeks 6 -10 (With Model for 3 hours pose)

With the support and advice of artist Elio Sanciolo, participants will be introduced to the basics of ‘alla prima painting techniques and processes, and will be guided to create an Oil Painting based on a single chosen pose.

Note: Acknowledging that each participant will be at their own level of development, Part 1 and Part 2 of the course will provide both general tuition and support as well as specific guidance, depending on level of experience and stylistic approach.

Course Breakdown:  Weeks 1-5 - Observational Drawing Exercises- Frontal, Profile and ¾ Views.

Weeks 6 -10  - Designing / Constructing one or two, finished Oil Paintings.

Duration of Course: 10 Weeks

Class Size: Maximum 8 Participants  

Cost:  $600 (Cost includes the cost of the Model for 10 weeks – basic drawing tools and paper)) 


Every Wednesday evening for 10 consecutive weeks commencing Wednesday 7 July. 600pm-900pm

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