Elysium Art Courses

Sanciolo Art & Design Labs (the educational division of Gallery Elysium) offers aspiring and experienced artists the opportunity to be part of a unique and engaging art and design program.

Our art classes cover drawing, painting, model making, sculpture and art history and theory. Our principal teachers, Elio and Bart Sanciolo, are highly regarded painters and sculptors with a combined teaching history of some 80 years. Our classes and workshops cater for individuals seeking one on one tuition or group classes of up to 12. Classes cater for beginners and advanced students.

Our art courses are available for students in their VCE years and adults of all ages and levels of experience. Professional Development Art courses are also available for art educators on selected topics. Check out details of upcoming Art Classes/Programs below or by clicking on the 'Whats On' link under the 'About' Tab on our main menu to check out other events at the gallery including the Gallery Elysioum Exhibition Program for the current year.

TUTORED LIFE DRAWING PROGRAM. This series of 10 tutored 2 hour figure/life drawing workshops are designed to assist participants develop and fine tune their drawing skills and knowledge of the human anatomy so that they can later draw and paint the human figure with confidence. The sessions will cover essential knowledge around proportions, modelling and use of various expressive art media to create engaging works. Basic drawing materials ( -charcoal, perncils and paper) are included in the cost of the program. Life drawing sessions will take place every Tuesday for a period of 10 weeks between 6pm and 9pm.

BASS RELIEF SCULPTURE PROGRAM This introduction to Bass Relief sculpture course is designed to take participants through various processes and techniques used to make a low relief sculptural frieze with a focus on basic design, layout, modelling mold making, casting and surface finishing. Cost includes all basic materials and tools as well as refreshments. Sessions will be held every Wednesday between 6pm and 8pm.