Elysium Art Lovers

Ever wanted to study art history but have never had the time or opportunity to learn? Or maybe you just want to get together with other like-minded art lovers and enjoy a glass of wine or juice and something to nibble on, while talking about art and culture. If that sounds like you, then join Gallery Elysium’s Art Lovers Group and sign up to our Art Appreciation, History & Discussion programs for 2021. Become a member of ‘Elysium Art Lovers’ and automatically receive a 5% discount on all future Art History and Practical Art tuition programs held at Gallery held throughout the year as well as discounts on selected art tours and Artworks on exhibition. Signing up to any of our Art History & Discussion Programs automatically entitles you to membership of Elysium Art Lovers as well as discounts on a range of other Art History and Art Tuition programs offered by Gallery Elysium throughout the year.

Art History, Appreciation and Discussion Programs 2021

Series 1: An Introduction to Art History- Western Art through the Ages

This engaging and interactive 11 hour program is designed to introduce art lovers to the fundamentals of art history by guiding participants through some of the main periods on the art time-line from the art of the ancients through to the 19th Century.

Find out more information about this program and register online on our website under 'Art Classes' 

Date & Time: 7/3/2021- 23/5/2021
Location: The Gallery Space- Gallery Elysium 440-444 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn 3122
Cost: $350.
Duration: 11 Hours over 6 two hour sessions
Suitability: Adults 18+
Tutor: Elio Sanciolo
Participants: 8-16