Bart Sanciolo 'When Words Fail' Exhibition March 2020

Bart Sanciolo 'When Words Fail' Exhibition March 2020
'Equilibrium' Painted Steel H 34cm W 12.5cm D 10cm Price: $1700

I gain joy from the intuitive relationships between line, form, tone and colour; expressed through in interplay; to disclose – artist and viewer, and I intentionally construct my artworks using geometry as springboard and as a concerted structure. This geometry is at once both physical and metaphysical in-so-far that it exists within the artwork, in the interaction between artwork and viewer and in its relationship with place, time and context.

I believe that artists create works through a process of reasoning – be it conscious, unconscious, visual or otherwise. This creative process is activated by intuition and curiosity and has a myriad of variations and a multitude of factors that influence it. Similarly, I perceive that there cannot be a single and predictable process for all artists. Each artist discovers or invents a unique manner of seeing and creating. Over time, this may evolve or remain static, but it is always a personal way of experiencing, reacting and responding to life.

'Linear Concept -Venus' Painted Satinless Steel H 100cm W 25cm D 10cm Price: $3.000
'Linear Concept-Model' Painted Steel H 69cm W 93cm D 10.5cm Price: $9.000
'Linear Concept-A Lover's Song' Painted Steel H 138cm W 35cm D 15cm Price: $7.400
'Linear Concept-Loneliness' Painted Steel H 88cm W 12cm D 23cm Price: $6.500
'Ethos VI' Bonded Bronze H 245cm W 38cm D 48cm Price: $.P.O.A
'The Last gasp of Christ' Painted Steel H 244cm W 128cm D 64cm Price: $24.000
'Linear Concept-The Promenade Walkers' Bronze H 30cm W 19.5cm D 8cm Price: $3.000
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