David Freney - Mills

David Freney - Mills
Porous Amorphous no.52_184cmWx 214cmH_Mixed media on canvas(Ink,Hanji paper $14,500



Lives and works in Melbourne.

E-Mail: davidfreneymills@gmail.com 


1994 Bachelor of Arts Fine Art Painting RMIT.

1999 Studio Access Course-Latrobe Street School of Art & Design

          Travelled and worked in Europe from May 2000 to July 2003.

2005 Graduate Diploma in Visual Art-Victorian College of the Arts.


2016  The Spaces are as Important as the Words, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Collingwood.

2019  LINK, Australia China Arts Exchange (ACAE) Gallery, Canterbury – curated by 

          Chonggang Du

2019 Haenam International SUMUK workshop, Haenam Arts and Culture Centre, 


         “2019 Haenam International SUMUK workshop”, Sooyun Art Space, Haenam, Korea.  

2021 Group exhibition, Anne Gallery, South Yarra 

2021 Transcendence, Gallery Elysium, Hawthorn 


2015  Sublimation Cycle, Rubicon ARI, North Melbourne.

2016  Porous Amorphous, Community Project Wall – Hawthorn Arts Centre

2017  Alchemical Text, Alternating Current Art Space, Windsor.

2018  Oracular Nebula, Five Walls Projects, Footscray.

2019  Text-ecology, Alternating Current Art Space, Windsor.

2021 A Reign of Green – Green Rain House, ACAE Gallery, Canterbury.


2005 Finalist Athenaeum Club Visual Arts Award- Athenaeum Club Melbourne

2007 Finalist Agendo Art Prize- Gardner Galleries, Richmond.


2016 to Present – Artist-in-Residence at Hawthorn Arts Centre.

2019  Sumuk Ink Painting Residency, Haenam Cultural Arts Centre, Haenam City, Korea.


2019 Interview by MBC News network, South Korea



2016 Alex McCulloch Arts Show: http://www.alexmccullochart.com.au/the-arts-show-5-may-2016/   (interview begins at 44.10 mark)

2017 Alex McCulloch Arts Show: http://www.alexmccullochart.com.au/the-arts-show-may-24-2017/   (interview begins at 33.27 mark)


St Vincents Hospital, Melbourne. 

Haengchon Cultural Art Foundation Collection – Haenam, Korea.

Sooyun Artspace Collection – Haenam, Korea.

Private collections in Australia and Europe.

A Reign of Green 184cmWx214cmH_mixed media on canvas(Ink,Hanji paper $14,500
A Reign of Green no.1_mixed media on canvas(Ink,Mingeishi paper)61cmWx76cmH
A Reign of Green no.1_mixed media on canvas(Ink,Mingeishi paper)61cmWx76cmH $500
Green Rain House no.8_mixed media on canvas(ink,Hanji paper $500
Green Rain House no.9_mixed media on canvas(Ink, Hanji paper $500
Porous Amorphous no.42_Mixed media on canvas9Ink,Kozo paper $2,500
Porous Amorphous no.43_Mixed media on canvas (Ink,Kozo paper) 61cmWx76cmH $2.500
Porous Amorphous no.48_Mixed media on canvas(Ink,Mingeishi paper) 61cmWx76cmH $2,500
Porous Amorphous no.50_Mixed media on canvas(Ink,Mingeishi paper) 61cmWx76cmH $2,500
Porous Amorphous no.51_mixed media on canvas(Ink,Mingeishi paper)61cmWx76cmH $2,500
Sublimation Cycle no 30 MIxed Media on panel ( Ink Mgheishi Paper. 25x30cm $2.500
Sublimation Cycle no.24_mixed media on panel(Ink, Kozo paper $2,500
Sublimation Cycle no.25_mixed media on canvas(Ink,Kozo paper)51cmWx61cmH $1,500
/Sublimation cycle no.26_Mixed media on canvas(Ink,Kozo paper)51cmWx61cmH $1,500
/Sublimation cycle no.27_Mixed media on canvas(Ink,Kozo paper)51cmWx61cmH $1,500
Sublimation Cycle no.29_mixed media on panel(Ink, Mingeishi paper)25cmWx30cmH $500
Sublimation Cycle no.31_mixed media on panel(Ink,Mingeishi paper) 25cmWx30cmH $500
Transcendence no.1_Mixed media on canvas (Ink,hanji paper)92cmWx107cmH $3,500
Transcendence no.2_Mixed media on canvas(Ink,Hanji paper)92cmWx107cmH $3,500
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