Jaedon Shin

Jaedon Shin
'The Other' Acrylic on Linen 254cm x 204cm $21,000

Curriculum Vitae

Jaedon Shinouth Korea born - Melbourne based artist. 

Practicing and showing in both Melbourne and Seoul


Bachelor of Fine Art (Drawing), RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia 

Bachelor of Arts (History), Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea


2019 ‘The Other World’ (ACAE Gallery, Melbourne)

2019 ‘In Between’ (Alternating Current Art Space, Melbourne)

2018 ‘Two Cities’ (Ryumijae Gallery, Yangpyeong, South Korea)

2017 ‘Double Moon’ (Blackcat Gallery, Melbourne & Soso Art Museum, Hwasoon, South Korea) 

2017 ‘Colourful World’ (The Lost Ones Contemporary Art Gallery, Ballarat, Australia)


2021 ‘In A Foreign Land’ (E-Hive Gallery, Melbourne)

2020 ‘New Beginning’ (Korean Cultural Centre, Sydney)

2019 The 2nd ‘People’ Exhibition (Gallery Violet, Seoul)

2017 ‘The Rediscovery of the Diaspora’ (Gyeomjae Jeongseon Museum of Art, Seoul)

2017 ‘12th International Arts Workshop’ (RMUTT, Bangkok, Thailand)

2014 ‘ARS ACTIVA 2014_Arts & Their Communities’ (Gangneung Museum of Art, Gangneung, South Korea)


2017 Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, Bangkok, Thailand

2015 Fellini Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2014 Haengchon Art Museum, Imha-Island Art Studio, Haenam, South Korea 

2012 ARPNY (Artist Residency Program New York), New York, USA


ACAE Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Soso Art Museum, Hwasun, South Korea 

Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi (RMUTT), Thailand

Crittenden Estate, Melbourne, Australia

Haengchon Art Museum, Haenam, South Korea

Poh-Chang Academy of Arts, Bangkok, Thailand

'A Mystery Never to be Accessed' Acrylic on Linen 193.5cm x 153,5cm $12,000
'In the Mountains' Acrylic on LInen 173.5cm x 203.5cm $12,000
'Night Landing' Acrylic on Cotton 171.5cm x 171.5cm $12,000
'Listen' Acrylic on Cotton 171.ccm x 121cm $8,500
'Chasers' Oil & Acrylic on Linen 130cm x 157cm $8,300
'The Temple' Oil on Linen 127.5cm x 146cm $7,800
Eros 1 Oil on Linen 70.5cm x 96cm $3,000
'Eros 2' 74cm x 93.5cm $3,000
'Sound 1' Oil on Linen 83.5cm x 75.2cm $2,800
'Sound 2' Acrylic on Cotton 80cm x 80cm $2,900
'Ubermensch' Acrylic on Cotton 80cm x 80cm $2,900
'Distant Love'
'Eros 3' Oil on Linen 45.5cm 21cm $900
'The Agony of Eros' Acrylic on Linen 111.5cm x 203.5cm $9,500
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